• Information for employees worldwide about behavior guidelines and preventive measures
  • Send travel restrictions and measures for non-essential business trips
  • Provide process updates to ensure operation of production, warehouses and branches under special circumstances
  • Secure transmission of non-public information about company pandemic preparedness, for defining the core tasks of the company or for the procurement of protective equipment.

How Calls are sent

via Mobile

Selection of recipients

Recipient groups are updated in real time and are available to a group of authorized defined users.


No limit to the content of the direct voice recording: Important informations, safety instructions or travel advices.

Send a Call

The Call can be sent directly. The receivers’ phones ring just a few seconds after the start.


The detailed evaluation of the Call indicates which recipient has been listening for how long, including ICA (In-Call-Activities) and offers follow-up options.

If you don’t have an internet connection, our system will provide you with a voice menu that enables you to reach the selected groups even without a data connection.

via Web-Interface

Selection of recipients


Send a Call


How to register for GlobalAlerts


Send a SMS

People can register fast and easy, as simple as sending a SMS with given keywords.


Receive Calls

From now on, registered persons will be informed about the relevant topic by telephone call.

ICA (InCallActivity)



With InCallActivity (ICA), the recipients of a call can activate various additional functions, as well as interact with the sender:

listen to the call again (example: “… press 1 …”)

Request a link with further information via SMS (example: “… press 3 …”)

InCallActivities also offers the option of carrying out comprehensive polls in affected departments or markets. By simply pushing a digit on the phone during the call the company could check in on changes of all kind.

GlobalAlerts can be activated for you and your organization in no time. Contact us now to implement your individual communication needs.